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  • What Size of Tent Do I Need?

    Have you gotten lost in trying to figure out what size tent you need for your wedding, gathering, party or special event? It’s one of the most asked questions we get here at Elite Tents and Events. While using a tent rental calculator may help, it’s hard not to get lost in the calculations and […]

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  • Tent Rentals in the Winter Months

    Contrary to what you might think, renting an Event Tent isn’t just for the fair weather of Spring and Summer. While the Spring and Summer months are by far the most popular months to rent event or wedding tents for outdoor weddings, gatherings, parties, celebrations and outdoor markets, the Winter months hold many opportunities to […]

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  • Outdoor Winter Celebrations

    Here we are in the short, dreary days of Winter and I know I’m looking forward to the long lazy days of Summer and the outdoor parties and celebrations, how about you? Here’s the thing, why wait for Summer to have an outdoor celebration or party when your back yard is the ideal place to […]

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  • Your Wedding, Your Budget

    Have you ever watched those home renovation shows where the homeowners get an unexpected expense due to an unforeseen cost they hadn’t budgeted for? They usually have to spend the money that was ear-marked for something else they really wanted to cover the added expense. While planning your Wedding doesn’t really have much in common […]

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  • The Importance of Planning

    When you are planning your fall wedding it’s important to remember to plan for those contingencies that may pop up. The picture-perfect outdoor fall weddingday you have in your mind – beautiful, warm sunny day, all the rich colors of fall and the changing season featured as your wedding photo backdrops, tents all set, lighting […]

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