Cherry Blossoms is a stunning backdrop for Farm Weddings

Cherry Blossoms is a stunning backdrop for Farm Weddings

When people speak of Spring I think of flowers, birds chirping and cherry blossoms. Something about cherry blossoms makes me think about fairy tale weddings. Flowing white fabric, delicate flowers, doves, and family. The delicate pinkness of the flower is entirely romantic, and is a stunning backdrop for wedding photos.


We set up an Farm wedding in Vancouver this last week and the farm had dozens of cherry blossoms. The trees filled the venue with a romantic atmosphere and set the stage for a magical ceremony. This was one of my favorite events this year so far. Don’t wait to book your outdoor event and take advantage of these beautiful trees.

Rustic Wedding

The wedding industry is known for its changing trends and new innovative ideas. The new rustic theme has spread like wild fire and is here to stay. The theme has put a twist on chic barn weddings and added a few more elements. Outdoor tents are a popular choice for these types of weddings and give the client more options with décor and seating.  Rustic chairs, wine barrels, wooden tables and vine lighting are only a few of the supplies that Elite can provide along with beautiful clear tents. Make sure you call elite for all your rustic event needs.

Indoor vs Outdoor

Wedding planning can be stressful. Trying to choose between an outdoor or indoor wedding can be even more stressful. So, let us make it easier, let’s do a PRO / CON list.

Outdoor Pro:

The view cannot be duplicated.

Location and capacity are not limited.

Your event will be one of a kind.

Every aspect of the venue can be customized.

You will not be limited by vendor choice.

Outdoor Con:

Outdoor venues can get booked very quickly.

You need to ensure your vendors are knowledgeable in

outdoor weddings.

Indoor Pro:

Pre-made packages are available for cookie cutter weddings.

Generic décor and themes are readily available.

Some venues are one stop shop.

Indoor Con:

Limited location.

Limited capacity.

Limited customization.

Limited vendors.

So indoor weddings, as you can see, are limiting. Make your event have endless possibilities, call Elite.

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