Choosing the Right Tent and Tent Rental Company for Your Function

Choosing the Right Tent and Tent Rental Company for Your Function

How to Pick the Right Tent Rental Company

Holding an outdoor event is always a little risky especially in Metro Vancouver where the climate can be unpredictable (i.e. wet!) at the best of times. A tent is a great event investment that allows you to enjoy the beauty of Vancouver’s natural surroundings without the worry of drenched guests after a downpour. So then, here are four tips for how to pick the right tent rental company.

1. Ask friends, family, and colleagues to recommend tent rental companies.

2. Shortlist rental companies based on their experience with events that are similar to yours with respect to the location and size of your event.

3. Ask for references to help you vet potential tent rental companies.

4. Choose a collaborative company that communicates effectively to ensure your event needs are met.

How to Pick the Right Tent for your Function

A tent is a tent, right? Not exactly. If you’re looking to rent a tent for a special event, there’s a lot to consider. And Elite Tents is here to help with tips for how to pick the right tent for your function.

• Size matters – know your event capacity and the amenities required to choose the right size tent.

• Anchor down – gravel or soil surfaces are easiest to secure tents, but you can also find anchors that are appropriate for other surfaces such as sand, asphalt, or concrete.

• Tent access – don’t forget to consider how service providers will access your event site to install the tent and set up chairs, tables, and other equipment.

• Climate counts – the location of your tent may impact the type of tent and anchoring system. For example, if your event is in an area prone to high winds, you need to let your rental company know!

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