What size of tent do I need?

At Elite, our experienced staff are able to walk you through the process of determining what size of tent you may need for your function. What size of tent you may need can be determined by things such as:

  1. Guest Count.
  2. Cake Table in tent.
  3. Dance Floor.
  4. DJ Table.
  5. Head Table.
  6. Round or Square table style seating.
  7. Cocktail Tables.
  8. Staging.
  9. Buffet Tables or plated dinner.
  10. Gift Table.
  11. Sign-In Table.

Give us a call or an email, and we can do the work of figuring out what size of tent may work for you and your event.

How do you anchor tents?

We use either heavy concrete blocks, or tent spikes.

What we use will depend on the following:
1) Size of tent you are getting.
2) Location of set up (is it in a windy area?)
3) Are we able to spike on the location? (Some parks will not allow for tent spikes to be put into the ground.)
Whatever the placement, we will ensure your tent is properly anchored. And should it be required, we will be happy to perform a site visit to assess this.

What happens if a rental item gets damaged or lost at my party?

Missing or damaged items are charged at retail replacement cost or the cost of materials & labour to repair it.
Please call our office for further details.

Do you provide decorating services for tents?

We have tent liners, leg drapes and special lighting to fancy up your event. We can also refer you to some of the professional decor people that we work with on various projects if you’re looking for something more extensive.

What about setting up or taking down tents outside of normal hours and holidays?

We are pleased to offer 24 hour a day / 7 day a week service, 365 days of the year.

Can we barbecue under a tent?

Yes we have specific tents for that but you must tell us in advance and we’ll make sure it’s one that we set aside from our regular inventory that you can BBQ under to your hearts content.

About truck access to the site.

Given the size and the weight of the equipment required for tents and other event gear, we require vehicle access right up the job site. Should vehicle access not be possible, we are absolutely able to accommodate, however it may be an additional charge in labour, as extra workers may be required to carry the equipment the further distance.

What about permits for tents?

Each municipality and regional district has different regulations so it will vary based on where the event is taking place. Customers are responsible for obtaining any and all permits that may be required. We are able to assist you with this, should a permit be required.

Can you set up tents in difficult places?

Our experienced staff have seen it all! A tent on a roof top patio, over a pool, no problem! If you require a tent in a difficult location, a member of our staff will be happy to come and do a site inspection and see what is possible.

Can you join together different size tents?

Yes we can! We have special gutter/joiner systems that work with both Marquee tents and frame tents to join them all together for walkway canopies, catering tents or reception areas. They work great and are seamlessly integrated into the whole line of tent inventory that we carry.