Who says Tent Rentals are only for weddings? Although, that is a great way to celebrate with the newly-wed happy couple, especially with our beautiful Vancouver weather! But, have you considered a tent rental for: family reunions, birthday parties, baby reveal parties or showers, anniversaries, retirements or religious celebrations? Having a tent for your outdoor parties will protect you and your guests from the elements. Sun? Tents can provide overhead shade. Rain? Keep warm and dry with the addition of full or partial walls.

So, what special event or party do you or your friends and family have on the horizon? With the discussion of some health restrictions being lifted, renting a tent is a safe way to maintain any remaining health restrictions. How so you ask? Well, Elite Tents and Events have a large selection of tent sizes and styles which will meet your needs. And, with our free, no obligation consultation, we will make sure that you get the right size for the right number of guests, working within your budget. We have a solution for whatever party event you may be thinking of.

Frame tents

So, what type of tent structure is the best for your party? Let’s take a look at the types of tents Elite Tents and Events has at your disposal. There are three styles you can choose from: Marquee, Frame or Clear-Span.

Marquee tents are the most versatile of the three choices. Available in a wide selection of sizes, these tents are fun and festive. The design of the Marquee tent allows for the tents to be seamlessly connected to create a space which will accommodate your guests in comfort and are easy to set up in any location – field to flat pavement. Add complimentary colored flags to the tops of your tents for that added flare.

Frame tents are a great idea if you want an unobstructed open space, free of tent poles. The frame is used to provide structure and stability, eliminating interior poles and creating a wide-open space. Available in widths of 20 – 50 feet and lengths up to 500 feet, this option will accommodate many guests in style. You can rest assured that you and your guests will stay dry due to the way this tent is constructed. This is a truly elegant tent form.

Clear-Span structures offer freestanding elegant aesthetics with unobstructed open space and views to the outside – bring the outside inside! If you are planning a party or event that is more than one day, this would be a consideration as Clear-Span structures are sturdy free-standing units and suited to most weather elements but also provide a touch of class to any gathering.

With all these options to choose from, there is one that will fit your party or event. So, which one would you choose, Marquee, Frame or Clear-Span? Call or e-mail us here at Elite Tents and Events to share your vision. We offer our services throughout the Lower Mainland from Vancouver to the Fraser Valley. Send us an e-mail at or call 604-345-8123 to start planning your party!

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