Renting an Event Tent – Not just for Weddings

Renting an Event Tent – Not just for Weddings

When you think of renting an event or party tent, the first thing you would think of would be for a wedding, reception or large-scale party. While these events are by far the most popular type of tent rental, tents can be rented for other reasons as well. Consider these options: outdoor storage, commercial shelters or to expand your personal or retail outdoor space during the Fall or Winter months.

Let’s start with expanding your personal outdoor space. Who says you have to rent a tent for a party? (Although you could!) Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get out into the fresh air? While it may be a bit chilly outside, inside your tent rental can be cozy and warm by the use of a space heater. Add a few cozy chairs, soft lighting and flooring (throw rug optional) and you have created the perfect space to relax in comfort. Marquee tents provide the space you need while utilizing the space you have available.

Frame tents or Clear Span structures are perfect for your outdoor storage needs or expansion of your retail area (think parking lot sales, excess inventory, parts or machinery storage, warehousing). These versatile tents can be sized to suit your needs whether you want to shelter your collector car, boat or create the ultimate man cave. Clear Span tents are the sturdiest of the rental tent line, suitable for more industrial needs such as warehousing, inventory and storage racking or create a larger event space for outdoor markets or fairs.

There are so many other ideas to use a rental tent, limited only by your ideas. Elite Tents and Events specializes in solving your space needs with a full selection of pop-ups, Marquee, Frame or Clear Span structures.

We at Elite Tents and Events have been providing Event, Wedding and retail tents along with all the accessories for over 22 years in the Lower Mainland. We specialize in Weddings and provide solutions for outdoor events and various other functions. Our team of professionals takes pride in the set-up of each occasion and event and look forward to providing their services for your business or venue. Elite Tents and Events is also proud to offer you our no obligation free consultation services to help you with your creative choices! Send us an e-mail at with your details and we will be pleased to help you with your tent rental and accessory needs.

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