Selecting the Right Size Tent for your Event

Selecting the Right Size Tent for your Event

There are many factors to consider when you are organizing an event in a tent. Perhaps one of the most important considerations is the size of your tent – and even that decision is more complicated than measuring floor space. Indeed, there are many questions you might be asking right now –

  • How should guests be spaced to ensure they are comfortable?
  • How does the size of the tent impact the flow of your event?
  • Are there special features that need to be accommodated in your tent? For example, will you have a dance floor or buffet table?
  • How will the tent be decorated?

Indeed, all these questions will ultimately impact your choice of tent. But when selecting the right size tent for your event, there are three main features to consider – space restrictions, guests and features, and your event goals. Join us over the next few weeks, and we’ll review these factors more closely.

Space Restrictions

This may seem obvious, but you’re not going to fit a 30’x30’ tent on a 20’x20’ space. Likewise, overhanging trees or other structures may impact the height of your tent. Before even thinking about the size of your tent, the number of guests you can accommodate, or special features for your event, you want to know how much space you have for the tent. Ideally, you want to outline some event features before you find a suitable location for your event, and then all this information can be analyzed to select the right size tent. However, some people have a specific location in mind, so then space restrictions will influence your event planning. No matter whether you prioritize the location over event specifications or vice versa, always carefully measure your space to ensure you order a tent that will fit. Additionally, you need to have at least a 10’ perimeter around the tent to ensure safe anchoring and movement around the tent.

Tent for your Event

Guests and Features

Obviously, you need to be sure that you have adequate square footage to comfortable accommodate your guests and other features of your event. Moreover, when you are considering the number of guests, you also want to consider how they will be arranged. Do you plan on hosting a sit-down dinner or a simple cocktail party? If you’re holding a less formal event with small, standing tables and no chairs, you can likely accommodate more guests in a smaller tent. Ideally, you want to create a schematic of how your space will be organized including scale-drawings of tables, chairs, dance floor or stage, and other features that are applicable to your event.

A rule of thumb is to arrange chairs with at least 6-8” of spacing between the chairs. For a standing event, you want to allow for 5-6 square feet per person, and don’t for get to add space for features such as a dance floor. Finally, you want to ensure that there is enough space for guests to move comfortably at your event. Making the right choice can be quite complicated, so don’t be afraid to seek expert advice.

Your Event Goals

Finally, your goals and vision are important for selecting the right size tent for your event. As mentioned, whether you’re having a standing event or a seated dinner, your tent size will vary even for a similar number of guests. Decorations, food service, entertainment, and other features of your event will all be determining factors in choosing the right size tent for your event. Additionally, the type of tent will influence sizing decisions. For example, if you are holding an outdoor event in a warm climate, you might have an open concept event and an open tent. In this case, you can often rent a smaller tent, especially if you expect guests to mingle outdoors. You may even be renting a tent to expand the floor space of an enclosed building, or to provide space for functional elements of your event such as food preparation. When you work closely with a tent expert, you should review all the event features and your ultimate vision so that you get the right size tent for an amazing event.

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