Tent Rentals for Restaurant Patios

Tent Rentals for Restaurant Patios

We’re at the cusp of winter in Canada and at the same time, the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is in full swing. With cases rising, public health restrictions have had a significant impact on the restaurant industry. In response, restaurant, café, and bar owners and operators are looking for ways to expand their seating capacity while also providing increased access to outdoor spaces. This is no small challenge given the nature of Canadian winters, fortunately tent rentals for restaurant patios offer solutions on all fronts. The following tips will help you create outdoor dining and entertaining spaces to protect the health and wellbeing of your customers, your staff, and your community. From the types of tents to seating arrangements and even heating and ventilation, we’ve got you covered.

Best Tents for Restaurant Patios

Choosing the right tent for your patio can be challenging – there are many options to consider. Fortunately, the team of professional and knowledgeable staff at Elite Tents can help you make the perfect choice for your space. There are several types of tents to consider including clear span and frame tents. Clear span tents provide added protection from the winter weather and feature aluminum supports that are durable no matter the weather. Because these tents do not have interior poles, they create a large, free space that allows your servers and customers to move around with ease.

Alternatively, frame tents also do not require interior poles and allow for the option of sidewalls for better weather protection and privacy. Additionally, these tents do not require stakes so they can be erected even on a concrete surface. Clear span and frame tents are attractive, durable, and easy to clean.

Best Tents

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

When you rent a tent from Elite Tents, you’ll also have the option to include added features such as lighting and heating. If you’re adapting your outdoor patio for winter use, it’s possible that you already have lighting features in place. If not, you want to consider a comfortable level of lighting for dining even into the evening. Lanterns, string lights, chandeliers, and even LED candles on tables are just a few of the lighting options that can help set the atmosphere for your outdoor tented patio
Of course, you must absolutely consider heating and ventilation for your outdoor dining space – this is winter in Canada, after all. You want to consider airflow in addition to warmth, so an HVAC system that allows for air circulation is important. You can keep tent walls open as well, but this is less desirable in areas with a lot of precipitation. For warmth, portable propane heaters are a great solution. Ideally, your heater should be fuel efficient and commercial grade. You should also consult with Elite Tents experts for guidelines on safe placement and adequate heating.

COVID Considerations

Finally, don’t forget that you want to follow all COVID public health guidelines when expanding to outdoor patio spaces with a tent rental. For example, tables should be arranged according to social distancing guidelines and to allow for the maximum seating allowable. Additionally, you should consider erecting dividers between tables as is recommended for interior spaces. You not only need to consider spacing between tables to create safe outdoor dining areas, but also consider the movement of people. Many of our clients have also inquired about portable hand sanitizing stations to allow guests and staff to maintain proper hand hygiene throughout their visit to their restaurants. Obviously, these considerations are important when it comes to maintaining adequate health and safety standards.

Finally, when renting a tent and accessories, consider disinfecting and sanitizing standards. For example, you probably want to use tables and chairs that are easily cleaned and disinfected between seatings. Fortunately, our highly experienced staff is equipped with the industry knowledge to help you choose the best tent and accessories for your outdoor space.

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