Why Tents are Better than Indoor Venues for Weddings

Why Tents are Better than Indoor Venues for Weddings

Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding is one of the most important steps in making your wedding celebration successful and memorable, but it’s a complex step because there are many options available. In our next blog series, we’re going to talk about some of the benefits of tent weddings and why many recently married couples will tell you that tents are better than indoor venues. Tent weddings are versatile and enchanting because they allow you to marry (pun intended!) outdoor charms with indoor comforts. So, when it comes to why tents are better than indoor venues for weddings, you need only consider locations, decorations, and seasons and you’ll see why choosing a tent wedding is the best option for a truly spectacular wedding day.

Why Tents are Better than Indoor Venues for Weddings: Location

There are few event venues that can compare with Mother Nature when it comes to pure beauty and splendor. An outdoor wedding is one that allows guests to enjoy nature’s wonders intimately, and when you rent a tent for your wedding you can rest easy knowing that even a bit of rain won’t hold you back from enjoying a great day surrounded by natural beauty. Indeed, tent weddings are almost completely unrestricted when it comes to the venue location which is why many engaged couples choose to work with a reputable tent rental company so they can create an intimate ambiance in the great outdoors. Additionally, tent weddings allow families to plan a wedding at an important location such as a loved-one’s home without being restricted by capacity or other factors. In other words, with tent weddings, location choices are essentially endless.

Why Tents are Better than Indoor Venues for Weddings: Decoration

When you select an indoor wedding venue, your design and decoration visions are limited by features of the venue. Indoor venues may offer one or two features that you love, but you cannot easily change most characteristics of the space including the flooring, lighting, views, or even art in some cases. On the other hand, tent weddings offer a blank canvas from which you have much more creative control. Your tent location may benefit from stunning natural vistas, but even inside the tent you have more control over features such as lighting, tables and table settings, dance floor location, and more. Tent weddings allow couples to adapt their tent to match their dream wedding rather than adapting the vision of their wedding to fit in an indoor venue.

Why Tents are Better than Indoor Venues for Weddings: Seasons

In our final blog of this series, let’s address the elephant in the room: the seasons. You’ve probably been thinking, ‘tent weddings are great when it’s warm and sunny, but I’m getting married in the winter.’ It’s great that you’re thinking about the logistics of your tent wedding, but you should also know that modern tents include features such as walls and heating making them amenable to any time of year. Imagine your winter wedding celebration enhanced by gentle snowfall and a soft blanket of snow that you can enjoy from the comfort in a dry and warm tent. In fact, many winter wedding planners love the option of tent weddings because they are ideal for cooler climates especially when the bride and groom want to feel more connected with nature and the outdoors. To book the best tents contact us at Elite Tents!

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