Liners & Legs Drapes

Tent Liners: Canopy Rentals

At Elite Tents and Events we offer beautiful Tent Liners and Leg Drapes. Whether you are decorating for a wedding or corporate event, these Liners add a level of sophistication that your guests will definitely notice.

Elite Tents is happy to sit down for a free consultation for canopy rentals to go through your decor ideas and our experienced staff will be happy to bring your vision to reality.

Elite Tents also provides lighting for any evening events. Whether they be on our farm or at an offsite location. We pride our selves in being a one stop shop for all your event needs.

Elite Tent Liners add the perfect finishing touch to any event! With their smooth lines and sweeping display, they are the perfect addition to any event or wedding. Liners combined with Leg Drapes create a consistent and elegant design to finish your tent’s interior and provide a rich texture and depth to the ambience of your function.

Leg Drapes

Elite Leg Drapes are the final touch to take your tent to the next level. Covering the exposed metal of the tent leg, the smooth style creates a luxurious look to the tent. Leg Drapes when combined with Elite Tent Liners, take your tent to the next level of elegance, and sophistication.