Farm Wedding flowers for the summer

Farm Wedding flowers for the summer

Summer time calls for flowers, sun and outdoor weddings. We at Elite Tents and Events love all three and we love flowers. Here are our top five favourite flowers for farm weddings:


This flower embodies everything about summer. With it’s billowing petals and fresh scent. We are not surprised when it’s the first flower that Vancouver florists think to use for summer weddings. They come in amazing colours. Delicate pink, vivid yellow and white are typically the colours of peonies used for weddings. The deliciousness of the scent makes an amazing addition to any table setting. These flowers are large in size thusly  can be used for a many number of decor purposes. Something to keep in mind, however, is that peonies are only in season for a few short weeks. We at Elite Tents and Events work with a number of the top florists in the Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for farm wedding, book with us, and we can make all your flower dreams come true!

Garden Roses

No flower invokes romance more so than the rose. They are simple, elegant and smell delightful. The rose comes in the widest array of colours, and can be used to fit any colour scheme, and add timeless elegance to any decor. They are a wedding favorite and are available year-round. Roses make a great substitute for peonies, when peonies are out of season. Regarding price point, roses are cheaper than peonies, so they can be more cost-effective while providing the same look and feel.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

Also known as the moth orchid, these blooms make for a stunning bouquets. They are making a comeback for luxury brides. The average price point is $50 per stem. So can be used as a statement piece in floral arrangements. Nothing says understated luxury like an orchid. Even when used sparingly, or in arrangements featuring stems submerged in water, orchids are a statement flower. 


Hydrangeas have been a staple in floral design for decades. These have been loved by all brides. They are typically used for table settings and bridal bouquets. It’s important to note that these flowers require a little extra TLC. These beautiful flowers are available pretty much year-round and each head averages four to eight inches, which gives brides more bang for their buck. Green hydrangea floral arrangements offer a new spin on this flower, and offer a crisp new look for brides wanting to save a bit on their floral budget, while still getting a fresh look.


Anemones are still a popular choice of brides this year, especially the white anemone with the black and navy center. Navy has become a statement color in wedding parties and what better flower than anemones? In flower history, the anemone flower symbolizes anticipation and excitement for something in the future. 

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